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The type of Resin used in Resin Art tends to be Epoxy Resin. The process of creating Resin Art objects involves combining Epoxy Resin and Hardener together.  

One of the aspects of Resin that makes it so fascinating to use as medium for creating artworks, is the unique way the resin changes from liquid into an impermeable smooth shiny surface.  


Epoxy Resin once solid is food safe, weatherproof and UV resistant so your artwork’s will stay beautiful forever.  

This is in part why Alvin Art uses Resin Art to create these stunning ethereal .

What is Resin Art?

Resin Art are can be sculptures, wall art, home decorations, ornaments and jellewry made using a material called Epoxy Resin.  

These exquisite artworks are made so attractive because of their beautifully smooth surfaces and eye-catching vibrant colours that are swirled through the artwork. 

As Epoxy Resin is naturally clear, the colours need to be added to the process and can be manipulated in a variety of ways that include swirling, pouring and even applying a blow torch. 

Due to the speed of the chemical reaction, the colours become frozen within the solid resin whilst maintaining their liquid appearance which is another aspect of Resin Art that makes it so captivating to look at 

Alvin Art’s Coastal Serving Boards are a particular good example of this method as the colours and patterns within the Resin Art replicate the fluid appearance of the sea.  


What is Alvin Art
Resin Art?

At Alvin Art, whilst Artist Ghareeba does use the technique of making adding colour and casting, it is the way that she chooses to employ these techniques that make her work so striking.  

Ghareeba is a lover of bright vibrant colours that are incredibly eye-catching and mesmerising to look at, by adding touches of silver and gold glitter, foil and trimming these colours are only made more striking.  

Her choices for colour can bring a vibrant sense of life into her works such as in the Spring Green Resin Art Leaf Home Decoration or the Regal Silver Resin Art Trinket Set is a beautiful example of how the carefully added detail create a sense of luxury and extravagance.  

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Ghareeba in my language means stranger to surroundings, unknown to all.