Meet the Artist:

Beginning to Dream with Resin Artist - Ghareeba Abdulla

Our story uncovers the fascinating mind that has been responsible for creating the much-loved Art Resin business - Alvin Art. Ghareeba is a dreamer and has a whimsical approach to her pieces, this article covers the person behind these mesmerizing artworks. 

It is not my opinion, but many believe that I deserve to be counted as an artist.

Ghareeba feels that she is a bit unusual in comparison to others, she is definitely more of a dreamer than most! Even her name means a stranger to surroundings, unknown to all.  

It could be argued that this is the inspiration behind her work and how she comes to make these almost ethereal resin artworks. You may struggle to find another Resin Artist who experiments so courageously and playfully at manipulating this difficult medium.  

Ghareeba feels that these differences have helped her down the path she has taken in life and feels as though her hopes and wishes have built this path. It certainly is a beautiful description for your life choices and appears to have served Ghareeba well! 

When I try to get Ghareeba to explain more about herself she is often dismissive over certain points that would be important to others. 


“If I start from my birth, date and time is not important. I was born in a day filled with love. I feel that it’s because of this love that I have so much love to give back to others.”

Ghareeba’s parents have certainly been a real influence on her life. She describes her Dad as a revolutionary man as he spent his life becoming a self-made man and Ghareeba certainly considers him a major influence in her life: “I have had a lot of teachers and instructors, but my smartest one was my dad.” It seems that her dad encouraged her to dream and to see things as they could be, instead of as they are.  

Ghareeba explains that whilst she has received formal education and achieved many things… 

“The most invaluable experience to me, is my life experience which is called art.” in this way Ghareeba is influenced and inspired by all her experiences in life and this is reflected back into her work. Many Resin Artists work with a certain selection of colours and methods, but Ghareeba sees the potential in all colours, after all life is all colours and in truth, a series of experiments. 

“It is not my opinion, but many believe that I deserve to be counted as an artist.” - Ghareeba Abdulla

Well, Ghareeba, we certainly believe that you are an artist.

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