Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist: Beginning to Dream with Resin Artist – Ghareeba Abdulla Our story uncovers the fascinating mind that has been responsible for creating the much-loved Art Resin business – Alvin Art. Ghareeba is a dreamer and has a whimsical approach to her pieces, this article covers the person behind these mesmerizing artworks.  It is not my …

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What is Resin?

Alvin Art wHAT IS RESIN? The type of Resin used in Resin Art tends to be Epoxy Resin. The process of creating Resin Art objects involves combining Epoxy Resin and Hardener together.   One of the aspects of Resin that makes it so fascinating to use as medium for creating artworks, is the unique way the resin changes from liquid into an impermeable smooth shiny surface.     Epoxy Resin once solid is …

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